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A Center of Manufacturing in Eastern Japan
Yamagata Prefecture has a deep and varied tradition of craftsmanship and technology that continues to this day, dating back approximately 900 years to a legacy of metal casting.
Evolving with the needs of a changing era, Yamagata is now home to high quality and high precision technology across a wide variety of fields, making it an essential component of the backbone of manufacturing in eastern Japan.

Gross Prefecture Product by Industry
Source: Yamagata Prefecture (2014)

Manufacturing is the dominant sector in Yamagata industry, as can be seen in statistics for gross production to the right.
Yamagata is the perfect place for manufacturing. Assembled goods including communication devices such as personal computers and cellular phones, as well as electronic parts like semiconductors make up approximately 55% of the value of Yamagata's total manufacturing shipments. Food products, chemical products, ceramics and soil are also thriving industries in Yamagata.

Value of Manufactured Goods Shipments, etc
Source: Census of Manufacturers Preliminary Report
(2014, survey of businesses with 4 or more employees)

The Yamagata Advantage
Yamagata continues to provide an ideal business environment, with the perfect combination of life style, innovation, infrastructure, support and incentives.
1 Life Style
Beautiful natural environment, rich culture.
2   Innovation
Cutting edge technology, traditional craftsmanship.
3 Infrastructure
Industrial infrastructure, well developed distribution routes.
4 Support and Incentives
Incentives to bring businesses to Yamagata, human resource development.
Ideal Business Environment
Innovation, Infrastructure, Support and Incentives
Life Style

Yamagata offers an ideal business environment.