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Life Style/Nature

The shifting colors of the four seasons and pure water that flows from deep within the mountains are an essential part of life in Yamagata.
The rich nature of Yamagata shaped by the abundant variety of the seasons and the area's bountiful water has been integral to the lives of Yamagata people since ancient times.

Kubozakura (Nagai City) Kubozakura (Nagai City)
This over 1200 year weeping higan cherry blossom tree is 16 meters tall and 9 meters wide. In spring, ancient cherry blossom trees over hundreds of years old bloom throughout Yamagata.

Mt. Chokai (Yuza Town) Mt. Chokai (Yuza Town)
At 2,236m, this majestic mountain is the tallest in Yamagata.
Its beautiful visage and natural bounty enriches the lives of the people of Yamagata.

Mogami River Boat Ride(Tozawa Village) Mogami River Boat Ride (Tozawa Village)
This is a boat ride down the Mogami River, which is also known as the mother river of Yamagata.
The view of the river scenery is beautiful during each of Yamagata's four distinct seasons.

Zao Snow Monsters (Yamagata City) Zao Snow Monsters (Yamagata City)
This natural work of art is made possible by Mt. Zao's unique climate.
The snow monsters are trees so covered in ice and snow that they look like snow sculptures.