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The Other Side of Japan
Yamagata Prefecture is located in the northeastern region of Japan known as Tohoku, 300km north of Tokyo.
Northwestern Yamagata faces the Sea of Japan, connecting it with rapidly developing countries throughout East Asia.


Yamagata Prefecture is an area blessed with abundant natural riches.
It is home to beautiful mountains that were listed in the book 100 Famous Mountains by mountaineer Kyuya Fukada, including Mt. Zao, Mt. Gassan, and Mt. Chokai. Additionally, the Mogami River, also known as the mother river of Yamagata, flows through the prefecture.
Yamagata is the other side of Japan, where villages and towns interweave with fields and mountains, maintaining a healthy balance between humanity and nature.
Nanyo Sky Park Hang Gliding
Nanyo Sky Park Hang Gliding