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Support and Incentives

For companies considering investment in Yamagata as well as companies that are already located in Yamagata, the prefecture promises to offer incentives, one stop support for necessary paperwork and procedures, and assistance in the high level human resource development necessary for manufacturing.

Incentives to Decrease the Cost of Investment
Subsidies, low interest loans, and incentives in the form of tax reductions and exemptions from Japan, Yamagata Prefecture, and municipal governments are available to support your business.

Tax Exemptions and Reductions

Support Services to Ensure a Smooth Investment Process
Yamagata provides support for completing all required paper work and procedures, resolving any questions regarding public utilities, mediation with research institutions, acquisition of human resources, and human resource development.

Support Institutions

Yamagata Research Institute of Technology

Yamagata established this research institution with the goal of increasing technological standards across all industry in the prefecture.
The institute can offer consultations about implementing new technologies, perform joint research projects, engage in research and development, and help train technicians.

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry Yamagata Research Institute of Technology
Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry   Yamagata Research Institute of Technology


Inexpensive Industrial Land (2012) Low Labor Costs (2012)
Inexpensive Industrial Land (2014)
You can acquire a cheap and convenient site for you business in Yamagata, where industrial land is available at some of the lowest rates in Japan.
  Low Labor Costs (2014)
In Yamagata, you can secure excellent, highly skilled employees for some of the lowest labor costs in all of Japan.

Percentage of Two-Income Households (2010) Employee Retention (2007)
Percentage of Two-Income Households (2010)
Yamagata has a high rate of both three generation households and two-income households. As a result, there is an abundant female labor force.
  Employee Retention (2012)
Companies rate Yamagata workers as "hardworking and serious" and "highly skilled." Additionally, the employee retention rate in Yamagata is one of the best in Japan.